Diabetes Blog Week – Post 2


Diabetes Blog Week


Recently various petitions have been circulating the Diabetes Online Community, so today let’s pretend to write our own. Tell us who you would write the petition to – a person, an organization, even an object (animate or inanimate) – get creative!! What are you trying to change and what have you experienced that makes you want this change? (Thanks to Briley ofinDpendence for this topic suggestion.)

Daughters Point of View:

Naturally, as a nutritional science major in college, my petition has to do with nutrition policy. I think a petition should be created to make a checking system for the nutrition fact labels on food products and restaurant  menus. I find so often that the nutrition facts are inaccurate. I have reached this conclusion based on my knowledge of nutrition from classes and the reflection of some foods on my blood sugars. I recently learned in my community nutrition class that there is no checking system for the nutrition labels. Each business creates the nutrition facts for their food items. I think that there should be a company or government association that creates a scientific baseline of standards for determining nutrition facts. The association should also frequently check published data. Perhaps, something similar to the system used by food safety inspections.

Mothers Point of View: 

To All Insurance Companies: As insurers we request accurate pricing and invoices.  We understand that Diabetes care is expensive and are willing to pay for care.  What is needed is a standard price for a service or supplies.  We also request that when we call your office you have a person available that can talk to us about our questions or concerns.  We understand the complexity of a system that is confusing for all involved and appreciate any assistance you can provide to make it fair and accessible.

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