Eoshealth Internship Week 2


 My office. Working from home has it’s up and downs.

            This week has been busy! The other interns and I have been assigned a project to evaluate and review competing healthcare/device programs. We are doing this to compare the program Eoshealth has created to others in the world. This research will be combined and organized for use in marketing our program. It will also help us to evaluate our own areas that need to be covered.  While doing this project, I learned a lot about programs for Diabetics. I now feel well versed in what resources are currently available for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The variety and availability of these programs is unbelievable.

It has been great to work closely with the other interns. They are such motivated and intelligent people.   We set up a couple GoTo meeting to collaborate our thoughts and findings. It was a bit confusing to figure out times because the four of us span over three different time zones.  We met today with the CEO of the company and presented our research. Overall, he thought we did well and suggested other areas to address and ways to tweak what we already have. I would call this week a success.

Things I have learned:

  • Talking and presenting to a CEO is just as intimidating on a conference call as it is in person.
  • Working from home in the dining room just isn’t a smart idea. It was difficult to get anything done with family and pets walking through all day. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to move my ‘home office’ into my room next week.
  • The research I did this week made me realize how many people and organizations are working to try and improve the lives of diabetics. It’s nice to know that so many others care about making a difference in quality of life, not just promoting pharmaceuticals.
  • Conference calls are nice because you only have to wear a professional shirt… they can only see you sitting down at your desk on the video cam. So I pretty much wear a fancy shirt and pajama shorts to work everyday. It’s kind of awesome!

‘Till next week,



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