Internship – Week 3 & 4

Office Building

Welcome to the world of corporate healthcare:

These last two weeks have been full of business meeting and working on individualized projects. Each intern was asked to create a strategic outline of a business plan with new ideas. Each was required to fit into assigned categories, mine is corporate wellness. It began with a crash course in googleing  corporate healthcare plans to learn as much as I could on my own. This was good because it stretched me out of my box. Corporate healthcare is something I previously knew very little about.

I am currently sitting on a hotel bed at the Hilton in downtown Houston. I met up with the other interns earlier today in the Galleria and we have a dinner planned for later tonight. We are having a company conference at our Houston office where all of the interns will be presenting their ideas tomorrow. Yikes. I am truly confident on my ideas but I am having to fake confidence towards my presentation skills. ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’. Right?

It has been a lot of fun to take my thoughts and dreams of ways to better the healthcare system and turn them into working ideas.

– Hannah

P.S. My presentation went well. The culture of this company is so laid back and accepting. Everyone one seems to fit in well. We’re all so different but can put are heads together to get some great things done. I felt included and I hear that that isn’t a common thing for interns. The CEO of our company is such a nice guy. He is open to new and different ideas. It was a great experience!

The Interns


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