Internship Week 5 & 6


This is the view from the Eoshealth Galleria office! 41st floor of the Williams Tower. It has a crosswalk to the mall…. it’s dangerous!  Home office and down town office

This is the view from my home office! Texas summers are hot hot hot!

These past two weeks have been great. I spent a week in college station working from my laptop and hanging out with some friends in town.  We went to the pool and out dancing a lot, it was a nice break.  The interns for Eoshealth have been put in charge of the social media for the company. We finds news topics, articles, recipes, motivational quotes, etc. to post for the company each day. It’s quite a lot of fun and is a paid job that we will likely be able to continue once our internship ends. It will be nice to do throughout the school semester to keep myself up to date on diabetes. Last week we were asked to make presentations explaining the purpose of the company and all its features. We individually presented to some of the current employees so that they could critique us. Each intern did so well, I was impressed! Last week I also met with the CEO of the company in the Eoshealth office in the Galleria.  We spoke for a long time about my proposal presented at the conference. He really seemed to like my ideas and gave me some pointers for expansion into new areas. It was good to be able to talk to him one on one without the pressure of a presentation setting. I am looking forward to finishing up and meeting with the interns again in August.

So work is going very well.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about jobs for next semester, registering for classes, and attempting to order books. I leave for Texas Lions Camp next week where I will be a medstaff. I am really excited! It is usually my favorite week of the year, every year. Last year I was assigned to the 8 year old’s cabin but this year I am working with the 12 year old’s. I’m expecting it to be quite different but definitely just as fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Until next time,



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