Day 1 of Interning at Eastern Virginia Medical School

I checked in to the Old Dominion Dorm last night around 11pm after a late flight in from Dallas. I arrived at my dorm room and found a group of people hanging out. Much to their surprise they had no idea I was coming. They had turned my room into a spare furniture and laundry room. They were so sweet and moved everything out in a hurry. I felt terrible for crashing their movie night but they were more than accommodating. Turns out they are from Texas too, figures!
      This morning I was given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Ulall, an Endocrinologist working in the Strelitz Diabetes Center. I was able to observe all of his appointments in the clinic. We saw cases of hyper and hypothyroidism, genetic rickets, Iatrogenig Cushing’s disease, and multiple patients with Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Ulall allowed me to ask the patients questions and even let me explain how to treat a low blood sugar to one patient. He also taught me how to read a bone density scan.

photo 1
      After a quick lunch with Jen, a research assistant at the Strelitz Diabetes Center, I was able to take a walk around the medical center and learn more about it. I then went to observe a Gestational Diabetes class taught by Phillis, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Once Phyllis found out I had been living with diabetes for 9 years, she insisted that I help instruct the class with tips on testing blood glucose levels and carb counting. It was great to give back to the medical community in a tiny way and help mothers going through a new and scary time.
     After work, Jen took me to the grocery store to stock up on snacks for the week. It really amazed me how apprehensive I was when I learned that I wouldn’t have access to a kitchen or a fridge this week. I put a lot of effort into making the food choices for my body that help me to balance my blood sugar. So to go without these staples was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Luckily, my roommates were so generous and let me stash some things in their fridge. This way I was able to get some veggies and ToGo salads for lunches. I think this will be a good experience that will definitely push me a little out my box. I went for a short jog to the edge of campus and saw the James River that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. It was beautiful. Then I did some yoga in my room (check out the 30 Day Yoga Challenge at, it rocks!).

photo 4 photo 2
My blood sugar today was pretty rocky, but understandable for a first day in a new state with new food and not enough sleep. I need to figure out what I ate that is making me spike so high right now. I really didn’t want to post my CGM stats today but I thought it may be helpful to see. It truly is indicative of life, stuff happens. I’m exhausted and looking forward to another adventurous day tomorrow.

photo 3 photo (2) 

That’s right I’m still smiling with a blood sugar of 241! 

Goodnight Ya’ll! 


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