Day 2 of Interning at Eastern Virginia Medical School


This morning I shadowed Dr. Sill in the Strelitz Diabetes Center. He is a pulmonologist and sees patients with multiple complications. I learned that treating multiple issues can be difficult to manage because of medication interactions and side effects. After each appointment Dr. Sill spent 10-15 minutes explaining exactly why he made each diagnosis or medicine adjustment. He was a great teacher and taught me about the grading systems for asthma and sleep apnea.  He went into great detail and really took the time to make sure I understood everything. His generosity was so kind. After the morning clinic, Dr. Still offered to take me to lunch in the Doctors lounge. THE DOCTOR’S LOUNGE!!!! It was so cool. We walked across the street into the hospital and into a room full of white coats and intriguing conversations. There was one large oval table and I was instructed to sit down right in the middle of it. Dr. Still introduced me to everyone in the room and told them my future plans to go to medical school. It was fascinating to listen to the conversations about patients, re-certification boards, and home life. It was great to see how doctors interact ‘behind the scene’. I am so glad I was able to experience it.

IMG_4965IMG_4963      IMG_4978

After lunch I went upstairs to the research department and met many of the lab assistants. I was asked if I wanted to practice starting IV’s and drawing blood. I have no experience doing this (accept for being a patient countless times) but I decided to give it a try. I had two people successfully draw blood from each of my arms and I was able to draw blood from my new friend on the first stick. It was fun learning and it will be such a handy skill to have in the future.  I was then asked to be part of a research study using a pseudo scan device that tests for diabetic neuropathy in the hands and feet. It was a simple process and nice to get reassurance that I have zero signs of neuropathy. In fact, the research assistant said that I have great nervous function. I was thrilled!

Work ended earlier today, which was nice because today was kind of a big day….. a really big day. My MCAT scores were released this afternoon. I have been concerned about my test performance because I did not spend as much time preparing as recommended. I recently decided to apply to medical school. This decision left me with less time to prepare for the application process than I would have liked but somehow I made it happen. When I finally got the guts to log in to AAMC and check my scores I was delighted because I made exactly my goal score!!!!!! I’m not even going to lie, I started crying when I saw it. I’m still not sure how I pulled it off but I was so thrilled.

Today was an amazing day! I learned so much and was rewarded for hard work. I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Students with Diabetes and everyone that is a part of it for giving me this opportunity and motivating me to be the best that I can be!

–          Hannah

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