Day 3 of Interning at Eastern Virginia Medical School

photo 1 (2)

This morning I shadowed Dr. Aloi, an Endocrinologist that works at the Strelitz Diabetes Center. He is also an assistant professor and conducts diabetes research at Eastern Virginia Medical School. We saw multiple patients with hypothyroidism, many due to previous thyroid cancer. I was able to observe many neck ultrasounds and a biopsy of the thyroid on both sides of the neck. Dr. Aloi gave me some reading material to teach myself a little bit more about the standard treatment for thyroid cancer.  He is such a nice guy and told me the story of how he met Nicole Johnson and all about Adrian, last year’s intern.

After lunch I had some free time so I walked across campus to the Medical Library and took a peak around. There was security to enter and inside there were lockers, offices, and lots of places too study. I spent awhile walking around the book store looking at all the medical student study guides and stethoscopes.

Tomorrow we leave for RAM (Remote Area Medical) an event in Wise, VA. It is a weekend long free healthcare clinic run by volunteering physicians and health care professionals. The event runs Friday through Sunday and serves the large under served population in that area. I have been told that it’s an eye opening experience so I am hoping I learn a lot from it.

I am still doing my 30 day yoga challenge from and loving it. This afternoon I spent a long time looking into fellowship options after residency. I think I may enjoy focusing in the direction of integrative medicine.  I realize that this internship has already taught me a lot about myself and is helping narrow my search for a future path.

I hope everyone is having a good evening,



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